10 October 2013

9 : Something New - Finished!

A Night of Good Dreams ...
Today I have woken up refreshed and positive, for the first time in as long as I can remember I actually enjoyed good positive dreams last night.  My dreams usually consist of crazy analogies that make me wonder what on earth is going on in my brain.  Last night, however, I was able to actually swim, not just wade in a pool, but swim strongly in waters teaming with sharks and  crocodiles.  Normally if I have to swim in these waters I am too afraid to get in and become fearful, sure that I will be eaten.  Last night, however, I put on my goggles, dove in and swam.  Although I hesitated for a moment when I remembered the sharks and crocodiles, I decided I didn't care and just kept swimming.  I swam stronger than I ever had before, I was able to cut through the water using powerful strokes that I remembered I was capable of.  I was able to make it to the other side without anything bad happening, I felt strong and powerful.
I also found myself in another dream where I was on a family holiday, I would normally become terrified during one of these dreams just as I began to realise it was time to pack for the airport.  I have a fear of flying which I long ago identified as more to do with not feeling in control, rather than actually being in danger of dying in a plane crash.  Normally in my plane dreams my plane either can't get off the ground or begins to plummet to the earth as it begins the ascent.  This is usually after I have spent most of my dream being frustrated, trying to organise for the trip back home but continually running into problems.  For example, I suddenly can't find the passports, or the tickets, or the phone won't dial, or my watch breaks and we are running impossibly late for the plane.  In last nights dream, however, I was the most organised person on the trip.  I was fully in charge, in control and ready to go, so much so that I didn't even need to step foot on the plane this time as I was no longer fearful of it.  
The only thing I can attribute such positive dreams to is the fact that I have just completed my first draft of my first novel.  It is a real achievement for me to have completed an entire novel in less than two months.  I still have work to do on it of course, but I've actually finished my story.  I had an idea, I turned it into a plan, I dedicated the time to writing it and now it is finished.  Finally I can concentrate on finishing my other novels that are still incomplete and begin to enter some short stories to hopefully be published. 
I just hope I keep enjoying good and positive dreams.  It is so much more refreshing to wake from having succeeded in your dream rather than spending all night trying to sort things out and feeling like you haven't slept at all.  Maybe I'll even get to run and fly in my dreams once more.  When I was a child I would dream of running so fast that I could literally take off and fly.  I have always loved those dreams and can't wait to be able to soar above all of my earthly problems in the land of dreams once again ...


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