18 October 2013

10 : Can I Borrow Your Pen? - Something Borrowed

It's My Pen!
It can be amusing to witness the exchange between two Paramedics involved in 'pen borrowing' during a case.  The reaction can vary from genuine happiness of helping a fellow colleague in a time of need to one of utter amazement that someone would allow their pen to run out of ink during a shift.
The generous colleague that happily conjures up a spare pen, carried for such occasions, appears truly happy to have been able to help out.  Alternatively, when the request is met with stunned silence and hesitation, it's fair to say they are reluctant to meet the request.  Regardless, they find it hard to think of a realistic reason not to hand over their most prized possession, even as it is peeled from their grip.
Pens in health care are treated as though they are lined with gold, finding a pen without its owner hovering closely behind is extremely rare.  Unlike items such as stethoscopes, pen light torches and shears, the most valuable item a Paramedic can possess is a working pen!

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