06 October 2013

8 : The Power of the Mind - Something Blue

Congratulations You Won!
This week's Something Blue story features an amazing use of the power of the mind.  It is only a small thing that happened, we won a sports bag.  I know that doesn't sound very exciting or particularly mind blowing, the thing is though, I knew we would win before we actually did.
It was on a sunny Sunday one week ago at Master 7's very first soccer sports presentation, he proudly received a trophy for his season's efforts.  There was the typical fundraiser raffle being run in the background, as you would expect at these kinds of events.  Something that normally I would steer clear of and avoid buying a ticket.  Yet on this day I somehow 'knew' without a shadow of a doubt that it would be me that won.  I really wish I did know how I knew, but I don't.  All I know is that the very moment I heard the word raffle my ears switched on, my eyes focused on the prize and I suddenly knew I was going to win.  I had to get a raffle ticket.  They were only minor prizes, a nice picture of the Australian Socceroos getting into the World Cup and a club sports bag.
I told my husband about it and he looked at both prizes and decided the bag would be the most useful for us, I told him we needed to buy tickets because we were going to win.  I was just wondering how I could buy a ticket when a girl appeared before us tickets in hand and ready to sell.  Before I could reach for my purse my husband was already pulling out his wallet to buy 5 for $2, scribbling his phone number on the stubs.  I hesitated as I had planned to actually buy the winning ticket myself, I thought about if for a moment and decided that it was all good, we would still win.
We left and went home whilst the other teams came in one by one throughout the day to receive their trophies.  It was early afternoon when my husband received the confirmation SMS informing him that he won the sports bag!  He was totally amazed, what I had predicted had actually come true. 
What I don't know is why we won.  Was it a total coincidence and had nothing to do with my self assurance that we would?  Or, did I somehow influence the results with my positive thinking, is that even possible?  There are many that believe that we can influence the world around is in positive ways by simply thinking about them, that we have more power in our minds than we ever thought possible.  It is such a surreal and nice experience to be involved with something like this, to be so sure and confident of something that you have predicted to happen in the future, and then have it happen. 
It would be great if we could truly understand the power of our minds, to understand intuition and our abilities to sometimes predict the future.  Even when it is only for such minor things such as winning a raffle, it makes you feel great and restores some faith that maybe you are capable of so much more than you ever thought.  If only it would work when I picked lotto numbers! 

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