11 October 2013

9 : Baby Bear - Something Borrowed

The Very Naughty Bear...
We have a very naughty bear in this house, a battered panda bear sporting several sets of stitches, evidence from some of his trysts.   He is the naughtiest bear in the house by far.  He has been accused of many things over the years such as drawing on the walls in crayon; stealing biscuits; leaving food behind the lounge in the playroom; turning the TV off in the middle of an argument, breaking the TV and generally making a mess.  He is often found to be the cause of many fights between my two youngest boys, but more often the cause of most of the fun.  He is a wicked little bear and apparently very, very funny.  He even fell into the toilet recently at the exact same time Master 4 was taking a whiz.  Imagine that for unfortunate timing.  He looked ever so smart after his visit to the laundry where he trialled both the washing machine and the tumble dryer.
Baby bear is often found in hot pursuit of the boys, who are running wildly through the house,  flying through the air smashing into furniture or 'accidentally' stomped on when he falls to the ground.  When you hear those high pitched squeals of delight, that only little boys can make, you just know baby bear is involved somehow.  Yes baby bear is a very busy and active bear but amazingly resilient.  Sometimes he is so naughty that he follows the boys into the car, rarely putting his seat belt on, and trying his best to be left behind wherever we go.  You really have to watch this little guy or he may get lost, he really is that naughty.  Thankfully he is pretty good at going to bed, usually at the exact same time as one of the boys.
I really can't recall when baby bear came into our lives, or how he got his name.  All I know is he is obviously leading my innocent boys astray, all the while making it seem like loads of fun.   Still, he is part of the family now, and no matter how naughty he is or how much he makes the boys squeal with delight, he is here to stay. 

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