15 October 2013

10 : Vinyl is Back - Something Old is Now Something New!

LP Record Players are Back
Apparently all those old record players we ditched 20 odd years ago are now back in style, and in a big way!  There will be many that will reminisce and kick themselves for selling their old record collections, or even worse throwing them away.  Turns out vinyl is back in fashion, owning original LPs will become more valuable than ever.  Apparently it has been cool again for some time, I seemed to have missed that memo.
When I got a birthday request for my son's 19th birthday I was very surprised.  The last thing I expected a techno geek physicist student to be asking me for was an LP player and some new vinyl records!  I didn't think I would even be able to buy any modern vinyls, I was wrong, there are so many old and new ones to choose from.  His sleek, new modern LP player is one that can actually convert LP records to iTunes to play on your iPhone, iPod or iPad if you so wish. 
We found ourselves last night having a 19 year old explain to us - diagrams and all - just why vinyl actually has a smoother sound than the digital music available today!  Don't ask me to repeat how or why, it just is.  I must admit after we cranked it out yesterday - to test it of course, I whole heartedly agree.  It was as though we stepped into a time machine as the sounds of my old Platoon movie sound track LP boomed through the house, scaring the hell out of Master 4 and all the fish.  I had always believed sound must have improved with digital media, turns out there really is nothing quite like listening to vinyl LPs.
Now we know what we are getting ourselves for Christmas...

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