16 January 2014

15 : Dragons - Something New ...

The Magic of Imagination
Today we officially live in the hottest city on earth, we are suffering a horrible heat wave which makes you appreciate cooler indoor activities.  Master Seven and Master Four are always happy to draw and make things, especially dinosaurs and dragons, just as much as they enjoy their outdoor play.  For Master Seven I suspect even more, he lives within his amazing imagination and has a very active mind that is always thinking of new ways to play and re-enact his thoughts.  He decided just yesterday he would make a book all about dragons, he has spent hours and hours drawing and colouring with sweat pouring off him.  Master Four has also decided to make his own dragons and cut them out and stick them together with sticky tape.  Neither child ever complaining of the heat or that they are bored.
Master Seven came up to me earlier with stacks of folded paper held carefully between his hands, as if carrying a secret document.  Although he wanted me to see his completed work, he remained hovering over each piece and carefully took each page back one by one when I was finished, to keep them safe.  I was very impressed with his efforts; until we can access a stapler large enough to keep the 15 folded pages together the stack has been carefully placed in our room to prevent any damage.  Its amazing how much dedication and attention to detail he has put into his book, inspired by the movie How to Train Your Dragon, his recall is superb. 
What does a little boy do after spending two days making a dragon book?  Well you draw another dragon apparently, yet another paper dragon is being constructed out of paper, complete with colour and wings stuck on with sticky tape.  Master Four is pottering around after finishing his dragons for the day and playing games with them and including his lego pieces.  I intend to keep some pieces of their art work for them when they are older, I hope the inspiration never leaves them and they are able to use their artistic talents in the future in some way.

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