28 January 2014

16 : Time Honoured Tradition of Heading off to Education - Something Old...

Beginning the Long Journey of Learning
It is the first day of the school year here and a first for our family.  My youngest child, Master Four, headed off today for his very first session at Kindergarten.  At four and a half he should be more than ready to embark on his educational journey, however, nerves were definitely evident.  It is something that we all have to go through and such a big change in the life of a child.  For many children this first day isn't their first away from home and parents, for our little boy it was.  He has been very fortunate not to have to attend any Child Care Centres during his pre-school years; today was the first day of his journey to learn to be apart from everything familiar and people he feels comfortable with.  A day to march out into the world, alone.
Amongst the screams and tears of some of the other children, my brave little guy explored his new surroundings with the safety of Mum staying with him for nearly an hour.  When it was time for me to leave he held back the tears welling in his eyes and bravely nodded, agreeing to hold his teacher's hand and take his snack outside for a picnic.  Barely a few hours later I was back to collect him and save him from his new world.  Relieved to see a familiar face he reported that he wasn't coming back to kindy anymore, he hadn't liked being left.  He busily packed his new bag, carried it on his back and held tightly to my hand announcing that he was glad to go home because he thought kindy was forever.
Despite the nerves and having another child knock down his blocks, I'm sure Master Four will settle in soon enough to his new routine.  Just one step on his long journey of education and life...

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