01 October 2013

8 : Time for Writing - Something New

Ahhh that's a good sign... time to write!
Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything I want. I'm trying to get my latest novel finished so that I can meet a mid October deadline.  I am submitting a book proposal to Hay House for a chance to win a publishing contract.  When you work, have kids and have 5 tanks of tropical fish, sometimes scheduling time for writing is not so easy.
I can usually find some time to dabble during the day, checking in on my social media outlets, however, finding time for actual writing is very difficult.  Lately I find myself here in the Zen Den, where I enjoy doing most of my writing, after 10 pm each night tapping away at my keyboard.  It takes this long to get everything done for the evening so I can spend time on what I want to do.  With tea cooked, little boys bathed and in bed, reading and spelling homework done, dinner washed up and packed away, dogs fed, fish sorted its finally time for 'me'.  The whir and clanking of the washing machine hasn't stopped, that keeps buzzing along no matter what the hour.  Unfortunately I think it is on its last few spins, I'm constantly having to go in there and pull it apart to stop the incessant beeping.  Fingers crossed it will at least get through this latest load, and then the next, and the next...
When my husband is home I sometimes get opportunities to sneak away and write undisturbed, which is fantastic, especially when I manage it during daylight hours.  However, life rolls along with all of its bittersweet joys and you just try and make the most of each and every day.  If I can achieve a little of something each day, then I am content. 
I certainly don't write from 10 pm every night, some nights I have to go out to work as a Paramedic and other nights I get to enjoy a rare night in with my husband.  Watching television in bed with some freshly popped popcorn is a rare and special occasion for us, whether I need to write or not, those moments aren't worth missing.  Writing will always be there and, most of all, I want to always enjoy what I do and not have it turn into a chore. 
I love being able to express myself and I especially love to type as fast as I can think.  Typing is something I have always loved, it is what I used to do as a job when I worked in the bank as a secretary.  I never tired of it and would have preferred to type all day long rather than perform any of my other duties.  I also ran my own typing business from home for many years and the hours I would spend just tap, tap, tapping away were my most relaxing.  However, I much prefer to type my own work, gone are the days of rye necks from turning my head to decipher someone else's work while I touch typed it into something legible.  Now I get to type straight from my mind, it's almost as though my brain is connected through my fingers to the keyboard and my very thoughts appear as words on the screen.
I'm a very lucky person to have the opportunity, and the time, to do what I love, to write, write, write...  

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