13 April 2014

19 : Graduation - Something New!

Full Circle...

It's amazing the difference a few years makes in a person's life.  Seventeen years of education for my second daughter saw her change from a feisty little pocket rocket starting reception, to a graduate with a double degree ready to make her mark on the world.

It's not hard for me to travel back through the passages of time in my mind to recall those first schooling days for her; for me it was only yesterday.  Just yesterday when I was battling with a mighty super power bursting within the cutest petite package you could ever imagine.  A child with an IQ that puts most of us to shame, with such a feisty personality that her miniature frame could barely contain it.  For a little girl whose uniform reached all the way down to her ankles she sure had a lot to say; the world just had to learn to listen.

She still comes in a petite package but that feisty personality has become more refined and controlled; her appearance has changed from a wild child that refused to brush her hair to an elegant beauty that epitomises fashion in every sense of the word.  Fashion is where she is heading, already working amongst it and saving her dollars to travel overseas and follow her ambition.

I believe in her, I believe she can and will do whatever her heart desires.  The trick is knowing what that is and wanting it enough.  Belief in yourself is not something that you can buy for your child, they have to come to understand it for themselves and to earn it.  The journey through life is never easy, for some the journey is such a bumpy ride that makes holding on long enough to get where you are going very difficult.  I am truly proud that this daughter of mine is ready to make her mark on the world, she has earned her place in it and will make a difference.  

My children can do whatever they want in life, all I expect from them is to be honest and true to themselves.  To follow their dreams and realise that they can achieve whatever they set out to do, what that is is up to them.  No-one else can live their life for them, that is lesson number one, life will bring many more along the way ...

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