18 April 2014

19: Cherry Tree Blossoms - Something Borrowed

The Beauty and Mystery of Cherry Trees

I've always loved the beauty of blossoming trees; there is nothing quite like the magnificence of soft pink cherry trees in full bloom.  One day I would love to visit Japan during spring and take part in their cherry blossom festivals, where the beautiful blossoms are believed to represent the transience of life.  

In zen the cherry blossom represents both the fragility and beauty of life.  It reminds us that although life is overwhelmingly beautiful that it is also tragically short. The once a year bloom reminds us that life is both precious and precarious.  

My next tattoo design will incorporate the beauty of the cherry tree blossom as a feminine reminder that life is fleeting; to remind me to live a life of beauty and to be present in the moment...  

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