17 November 2013

Short Break from Blogging...

Blogging Break...
Apologies for lack of blogs recently.  I sustained a head injury at work as a paramedic, as can be seen in my last blog post 'black and blue'...  I have not been able to think straight for the last week and hope to get back to blogging again in the future.  However, for right now I am unable to blog.
AJ Maaa


  1. Oh no! And you've been going so well on your blogs. I am seriously impressed. Had an idea for the title of this blog "Breaking Blog" aka Breaking Bad..ha ha Hope you are better soon and back into it.

  2. Thanks Carol, of course I'll be back, but after churning out 4 blogs a week for 13 weeks thought I should explain why I haven't blogged for over a week...

    What doesn't beat you makes you stronger. I'll be back, but I need to sort my poor brain out first. Also have a lot of legal stuff to deal with, assaulting a paramedic is a big offence. I have to work out whether I can cope going back as a Paramedic at all...

    Thanks for the positive support, it is appreciated :)

  3. Someone In my family was assaulted recently Too. Almost became A paraplegic And Now Keeps falling Over As His balance Is Off. Sadly caused by another family member. Assaults really affect people in so many ways. I hope you go back on the ambulance you are brilliant X

  4. Sorry to hear that Heather, that is awful. Yes assaults affect you in more ways than just physical. I've spent a lot of my career avoiding the actual blow, so been surrounded by violence for far too long. To still feel even the physical affects over a week later is scary, the psychological is a whole different perspective. I love helping people so I will try to return, but I just don't quite know how that will go at this point... Thanks for words of encouragement, it does mean a lot :)


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