03 November 2013

12 : The Beach - Something Blue


It's nice to get away, even for a short while, and spend some time at the seaside.  We visited last weekend and, although it wasn't typical beach weather, we still managed to enjoy that unique experience that being alongside the ocean only can bring.  It doesn't take long to manage to get completely soaked in that salty water that is so hard to wash off, but it is so worth it.
We walked along the beach, collected and examined shells, wrote our names in the sand and walked through the shallow water as the waves crashed upon the shore.  Of course a trip to the beach is not complete unless you learn to skim some rocks along the water, watching out for seagulls of course, and finish off with some freshly made ice creams  I'm looking forward to this Spring weather changing into Summer so we can enjoy some more trips to the seaside, perhaps enjoying a swim next time and letting the boys loose to create some more sand castle creations.  The opportunity of simply lying back and relaxing by the shore would be most welcome. 
There is something magical about being alongside water that has a way of overwhelming your senses, with a calming effect that even a few minutes worth seems to last for days ...

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