05 November 2013

13 : Baby Bear is Back!!! - Something Borrowed

Brother Baby Bear Arrives...

Well baby bear isn't quite back, but I am pleased to report that his brother has made it all the way to Australia to meet the boys.  The boys and I found a mysterious package left at our front door this morning.  We carefully ripped into the soft packaging, postmarked United States, hoping it was going to be a nice surprise.  Sure enough, poking cheekily out through the top of the package was a cute, soft black and white panda face.  The boys were ecstatic, brother baby bear had arrived at last after his long journey.
Although we will always be sad about not having original baby bear with us anymore, we are quite certain that he is up to all sorts of adventures wherever he is.  As, despite the state wide search, he has not been recovered. Considering he was such a naughty bear this hasn't been all that surprising, but it has been quite heartbreaking.  The boys now have a picture of baby bear proudly displayed on their playroom wall, they can look into his cheeky face once more whenever they are feeling sad and miss him.  Baby bear will always remain a special part of their childhood, even though he is no longer with them in body he remains with them in spirit.
During the car ride to school this morning it was almost as though baby bear had never left at all.  The high pitched squeals of delight that only baby bear could have caused were echoing through the car, but today of all days, no one got into trouble.  Looks like brother baby bear is set to be just as naughty as original baby bear was, and we are all very thankful for that ...
Brother Baby Bear with Baby Bear portrait...

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