16 September 2013

6 : Intuition - Something Old...

  • The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning
  • A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.
I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks I know better than to listen to that little whisper in my ear, that thing we call intuition.  We all know it's there, it's been there since before we were born.  We can choose to listen to it or just plough full steam ahead into life with little thought.  What we forget is that intuition is ourselves, it is our very inner core that we are blocking out.
It doesn't even have to be those 'big' moments where we should listen to our intuition, its often all those little every day decisions where we could use that little bit of help.  If only we could learn to trust ourselves and go with that inner feeling when it starts tapping away inside our head.  Often we are just too busy to stop and listen and instead push it aside.  We are often left wondering why things didn't work out or go our way.  All the while there is this little voice just waiting to be heard deep inside ourselves.
If we could learn to be patient enough and quiet our own minds to hear that little voice as it whispers what to do, we could be so much more focused than ever before.  I get caught on all the time for not listening to mine, sometimes my world is too loud to allow myself to hear such a soft sound within my busy mind.
When I do, when I have that control and focus enough to hear myself think, that's when I am at my best.  When my conscious becomes the unconscious and we work together as one powerful force.  If only I would have listened to it this morning when I was going out for my morning walk things may have turned out better.  It was a cool morning but I thought it would be ok, I hesitated for a moment at the front door, hand on door knob suddenly thinking I should really go back inside and get my beanie, I know what I'm like with the wind.  But no, I shrugged off that inner voice thinking "I'll be alright, I can't be bothered". 
Metres from home the wind started swirling around my head, I instantly regretted my decision, or rather lack of it, and soldiered on.  Half way through the walk I thought I had gotten away with it, then with a change of direction the wind suddenly picked up speed.  My very sensitive ears were bombarded with that whistling cold wind pummelling deep inside to bring on that awful ache that I so dread.  I soldiered on holding up my hands to try and shield myself from the wind, at this point looking quite ridiculous.  It started with a few droplets, then at least 1km from home the droplets became splashes and the splashes changed to what felt like shards of ice barrelling down on my head.  It was only at this time I remembered I was wearing a hoodie.  Idiot!  Pulled that up and headed home, cold, wet and annoyed.
If only I had listened to that whisper in my ear I wouldn't now have an ache in it!


  1. Oh how many times don't we listen to that voice ? And how many times that voice is 100 % correct !!!

  2. So true Heather, wish I was better at trusting myself...


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