20 September 2013

6 : Grandma Angel - Something Borrowed

Inspirational Story about a Retired Grandma Helping China's Orphans
On Sunday I watched a very inspirational story on the Sunday Night programme about Linda Shum, an Australian retired grandmother, who is helping China's orphans.  Linda and her husband Greg, both retired school teachers, decided to go on a trip to China as a retirement gift to themselves.  Whilst on holidays their lives were forever changed when they visited China's derelict state run orphanages.  They were horrified to discover the unwanted girls and disabled boys crammed into overcrowded homes, living in poverty and degradation; the unfortunate reality of China's one-child policy.  
Linda and her husband were so moved that they felt a calling to help.  Since that first visit they have dedicated their lives to helping these orphans.  Unfortunately Greg passed away six years ago from a stroke.  Despite this, and recovering from a bilateral mastectomy, Linda has remained dedicated to her calling  and has successfully opened and continues to run eight new homes in China, dedicated to providing disabled and unwanted children a life of dignity and happiness.  She is a true inspiration, her full story can be read at this link : http://au.news.yahoo.com/sunday-night/features/article/-/18880439/grandma-angel/
How wonderful to be able to look back on your own life and know that you have helped those that could not help themselves, just like Linda and Greg have done.  It is a truly inspirational story that deserves recognition.  You can help by visiting Linda's website and making any donations that you feel you can afford http://www.eagleswingschina.org/index.php I am now a regular contributor myself.

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