21 May 2015

26 : Tree of Life - Something Borrowed

Our Tree of Life

Understanding means throwing away your knowledge.
Thich Nhat Hanh

This year has not been an easy one, it hasn't turned into the best year of my life. You know, the one you imagine on New Year's Eve night, the one you wish for. It never quite works out like that. But as usual, those left field unexpected and unwelcome moments turn out to be the path to the future. Whatever that may be...

The thing about it all is that despite all the drama of life, the worries and the fears, that tree we planted seven years ago remains steadfast. I don't remember the day we planted it, only the period of time in our lives. It was one of those amazing times when things finally seem to be working out, we were happy and excited for the future. We were pregnant with our second child together and about to be married. Not long after we were hit with an unexpected tragedy, we lost a piece of our soul, the most precious. Despite our sorrow our tree grew stronger and thicker, life went on, we were married and happy to smile again. Although now our tree roots grew around reminisces of our loss, our tragic loss, the soil buried in sadness. Our tree attempted its first few blossoms later that same year bringing with it a message of hope of a new precious life. With bare branches the following Winter our tree was witness to the welcome arrival of our newly born son, alive and well, life goes on.

Our tree of life has stoically stood proudly in front of our home, growing stronger and thicker each year, now able to withstand the winds alone. Each year without fail, the seasons shape our tree, a reminder of the everlasting power of nature. The bare branches of Winter are hauntingly beautiful against the grey stormy skies, always followed by the budding blooms of Spring growing larger and larger until they can be contained no more. Finally bursting free, transforming our tree into a beautiful snow-sprinkled magical ball of blossoms. The new leaves of Spring take over and form a new canopy to protect the garden from the harsh Summer sun, always larger and thicker than the year before. Then Autumn comes again and those strong leathery green leaves magically change from red to orange, then yellow and scatter back down to join the earth in an endless cycle.

Always there, my constant ever changing tree of life! 

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