26 November 2014

25 : Faramir makes Two - Something New!

We are cat people!

Who knew? Turns out we are cat people. Weird the way things turn out, we started the year with three dogs and five fish tanks but will finish with one dog, two cats and four fish tanks. Unfortunately we lost two of our dogs this year; both had very long lives though and were very much a part of our family. Rusty had been with us for 16 years and Roxy was 11 when she passed away naturally of old age. Our remaining dog Aragorn had been very upset and lonely at first, but with some extra attention he began to settle and readjust and now enjoys a permanent cat TV show! I was proud of myself for not adding more fish tanks this year; instead, I actually reduced my tanks by one and am happier for it. That particular tank just never stayed clean long enough for me to enjoy it, the fish were divided into my remaining tanks and all is well.

I still can't quite believe we are finishing this year, 2014, with not one but two kittens! After spending all of my adult life believing I was allergic to cats it is insane that I now have two. But that was before I had ever heard of bengal cats. A few days ago we welcomed our second kitten, our little boy Faramir, a gorgeous brown marble bengal. He is a very energetic ball of attitude, after a few tentative days of growling and hissing we now have two best buddies. Although I have missed some of the personal one on one attention from Eowyn, it is so much more rewarding seeing that she now has one of 'her own kind' to play with 24 hours a day. As much as it is nice to be close to an animal, our human lives interfere with their schedules and we can't ever truly sync. We can learn to happily co-exist though and we look forward to many years of that, of our new family dynamics.

Our house is filled with Christmas lights and decorations and we are ready for the festive season ahead. It's been a rough year in many ways but it's nice to be finishing it off enjoying new beginnings and all the antics that follow with two busy little kittens! After all this is my new family and that is something that I truly cherish...

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