29 October 2014

24 : Cat's Eye's - Something Blue


We recently welcomed a new member to our family - Adelhills Okas Eowyn - a beautiful seal lynx point snow bengal kitten. She has the most iridescent luminous blue eyes that draw you in. She has the most luxurious pelt you have ever felt on a cat and she has a way of talking to you that makes you sit and listen. We like her so much that we are adding a second bengal cat to the mix, a gorgeous brown marble male in a month. The hope is that they will grow up together and become best of friends.

Bengal cats are a very special breed of cats that, for me at least, means even a person allergic to cats may be able to live with them. They have an attitude closer to a dog and bond with humans as a part of the family. It's still early days for us but so far things have gone smoothly, and for a cat that is allegedly not famous for being a 'lap cat', this one certainly didn't read that part of the manual. Even as I type my laptop is perched perilously in my lap while she is making herself right at home and purring so loud the vibrations can be felt through the keyboard.

Somewhere in her genetics is the partial albinism gene inheritied from a siamese ancestor and responsible for her blue eye colour. A mutation of this gene produces the point coloured coat, which restricts colour to the extremities of the body, the coolest parts. The seal describes the brown colouring found at the points, which darkens with age. The lynx describes the creamy white base of the rest of the body. Therefore, my seal lynx point bengal was born white and as she ages she will gradually get darker, not only in her points but also her rosette spots inherited from the asian leopard cat will become more prominent. Her eyes, however, will always remain blue.

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