09 September 2014

23 : Fathers Day - Something Blue

Days of Public Celebration

Little Boy Lost

'Father! Father! Where are you going?
O do not walk so fast.
Speak, father, speak to your little boy,
Or else I shall be lost.'

The night was dark, no father was there;
The child was wet with dew;
The mire was deep, and the child did weep,
And away the vapour flew.

William Blake 1791

Sometimes days of celebration, particularly heavily commercialised days, can hurt more people than it was ever intended to; a reminder of bad decisions, poor choices and bitter emptiness. Although it is wonderful to celebrate the many fathers that actually do go above and beyond for their children and deserve to be praised and recognised; there are far too many that don't deserve that recognition. There are sadly far too many that will remain forever trapped within their own selfish walls of denial. There are sadly far too many children - whether adult or not - that dread this day for it reminds them of what they have lost; no father to share this special day. For some this can be bitter sweet - a special day to remember how wonderful their father truly was in life and a day to honour that memory; for others there are no memories, no special moments to recall.

I too have bitter sweet emotions on days like these, where I am more than happy and proud of my own children to show their love and respect for their fathers. However, I am not entirely sure we really need one single day a year to do that, true love doesn't require a 24 hour window; love is shown in how you treat each other and by actions that speak louder than words. It can be a difficult day for broken families, with children used as pawns in a constant state of war, for others it's just too difficult to organise. It can be hurtful for those that never knew their father, that didn't get the chance. A reminder of the hollow space beside them; never to be filled. For me, it is a reminder that I don't have anyone to call father, that in truth perhaps I never really did.

In spite of my own mixed emotions, to my husband and father of my two youngest boys, step-father to my four older children, to you and the other fathers out there that do dedicate their very existence to their children - I celebrate this day. For you this day is truly a day of celebration and I am very thankful that I have such a wonderful role model in the lives of my children ...

One of the good guys!

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