19 July 2014

22 : Humans Killing Humans - Something Borrowed

Tragedy of Humanity

I kept asking who did it?

Israel? Palestina?
Russians? Ukraine?

Then my mom answered.
Humans killing humans.

This short phrase doing the rounds on the internet at the moment says it all!

The tragedy of humanity is humans, humans are the sole cause of this latest tragedy reeling across the globe - the downing of Flight MH17. For two days I have watched little else and have learnt, like the rest of the world, the awful truth; that this plane and all of its innocent 298 passengers and crew were killed for no good reason. It wasn't an accident, an unavoidable catastrophe, it was a conscious and malicious human act that caused this tragedy, using weapons of mass destruction. Killing 298 people of all backgrounds, of all races and religions, people who have contributed to society each in their own ways; 80 innocent children on board that will never have that chance.

As I have watched in horror the events unfolding from the safety of my warm family home, I realise how incredibly lucky I am to have not lost a loved one on that flight. It really could have randomly happened to any one of us, every one who has ever flown knows the remote risk of being involved in a crash. However, I doubt there are many who are afraid of flying that would have ever thought that a missile would have been the cause of their demise. We can only hope that those on board didn't know what happened; that it was instantaneous for them. It is not instantaneous for the rest of the world and the families and friends of those on board who are destined forever to grieve for them. To those families I feel for you and sympathise with your terrible and tragic loss.

Although it is actually humans that are responsible for this, I still have hope for humanity. Already this tragedy has rapidly brought together multiple different countries, governments, politicians and ordinary people from around the globe, united in their frustration of this atrocity. I strongly believe that although there are still many ongoing conflicts around the world, that there are enough humans that do care and want an end to global conflict and violence. 

Humans killing humans needs to be acknowledged as the cause but not the ultimate focus of this tragedy. Humans uniting and putting an end to our conflicts should be the focus. After all, we have enough to worry about with the rapidly reducing natural resources of our world and dealing with the natural disasters yet to come, than to stress about humans killing humans.


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