29 March 2014

18 : I love you now more than I have ever loved you - Something Borrowed from my husband

I love you now more than I have ever loved you...

Those are words that everyone wants to hear 'I love you now more than I have ever loved you' from their life partner.  These are words that I borrowed from my own husband who spoke them to me today...  It's such a lovely thing to hear and to know that it is true, I feel the exact same way about him.  Despite life's furious attempts to cause hardship, stress and the inevitable threat to drift us apart we have conquered it all.  Life is so good right now, never easy, far from it, but so very good.

We have learnt so much from each other, and together, during our journey as a couple.  Being rewarded after a lot of hard work is so worthwhile, for us this is a second marriage and a very happy one.  Despite the demands of eight children, careers and financial stress we have only become closer.

I love having a partner that truly understands me, as much as another human possibly can, and the support and friendship that this type of relationship brings.  I now have a life raft to cling to in the middle of the stormy seas of life, a life which has always involved fighting hard to keep my head above water; being able to calmly tread water with someone by my side makes the impossible seem possible.  I have learnt so much about the world these past few years; learnt that it's not up to me to make everyone else happy and that I am in charge of how I allow others opinions affect me.  All I can do is be happy with myself and remember that I am in control of my life, which I am, being happy with yourself allows you to be happy together as a couple.  The secret to life is happiness and we have achieved that and will continue to work hard to maintain it.  We are stable enough to be able to pursue our own individual pursuits without threatening the other, as well as working hard side by side to get through day to day life and all of its many chores.  

Being happy is so much easier than being miserable, I highly recommend it to everyone!

Now if this isn't love I don't know what is!

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