11 February 2014

16 : Blue Eyes - Something Blue

I wonder what goes on behind those 4 Year old blue eyes...
As Master Four enters his third week at Kindy, things are settling down in his little world.  A lot of the other children that had been screaming and crying when their parent left are starting to settle, although not all are prepared to give up their attachment quite so easily.  Our little fella has been cautious but tackled his situation very bravely.  After learning to deal with the awful news that this was to be a daily chore for him, he has adjusted well to the new routine. 
The fact that he is actually four and a half years old certainly helps as he is clearly a little more mature than some of the other children.  Although he is a social creature he has a very innocent nature and he is yet to learn how unpredictable other children his age can be.  After daily complaints of being tickled, pushed, yelled at and sometimes even spat at by some of the other children, our little guy is learning how to cope with the world away from the safety of his family.  It is such an important step to learn to become independent from your family and to enjoy the learning opportunity of socialising with others and the beginnings of education through play.  It is lovely to witness the very beginnings of some cautious friendships.
I am very proud of our youngest child and have mixed feelings of missing him at home and enjoying the tiny bit of daily freedom Kindy brings.  Spending less and less time each day before feeling comfortable to leave my youngest child with strangers is a nice feeling, seeing him waving at me smiling and feeling confident is fantastic.  That same happy smiling face greets me when its time to pick him up and I know that everything is good in his world ...

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