13 August 2013

New to Blogging

Well apparently I need to gain a 'Platform' in order to publish a novel, so here goes...

I have only recently returned home from New York on a research trip for my new novel, it was an extremely exciting and worth while experience.  Travelling alone for the first time at the tender young age of 42 years was both exhilarating and nerve racking all at the same time.  Who would have thought!

Yes, yes I know thousands of young/er people travel all the time alone and no one batts an eyelid.  Well it's different when you are close to 40, you have already lived a little and already know the world is a dangerous place.  I've seen my fair share of Law and Order and all the CSI's, Bones etc.  I know what goes on in the 'real world' of New York City.  They all get murdered just when the music suddenly changes tone, they look the wrong way - frustratingly never behind them, and are going about ordinary activities when they are suddenly set upon and shamelessly slaughtered!  Of course it's always at the start of the show so you get to find out who did it before the hour is up.

Therefore, of course I was extremely alert to all possible murder situations, especially during the first part of my trip.  I am very pleased to say that I survived not only Central Park, including all the bridges where I was on the look out for any fresh bodies, but I also survived walking through the streets of New York past midnight!  All without being slaughtered.  Don't worry, I was keenly listening out for the music to change, I looked behind me at all times and I certainly avoided those dangerous ordinary activities!

Instead I had an absolute ball and really surprised myself at the ease in which I magically fit into the New York lifestyle.  Of course I had my 'cute little Aussie accent' to get me by, and my mortal fear of not tipping enough so basically gave everyone I met a $5 US note!

More to come, have to cook tea apparently... 

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